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Kierland Commons.jpg
Phoenix, Arizona

Our story behind Scottsdale’s Kierland Commons is unique as the project was initially planned as a feasibility study to show how an inward designed shopping center would work in Arizona. Although such a design was frowned upon in 1999, our team studied other similar shopping centers around the country and presented their success and popularity. We compared Kierland Commons to the University Village in Seattle, County Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mizner Park in Boca Raton and several others. Our findings showed that this design model would work, so we presented to the land owner, Gary Herberger and the development partner, Woodbine Southwest. Our study and presentation was a success as a leasing assignment followed. The market during that time was highly competitive, but Kierland Commons turned out to be one of Arizona’s most sought after locations that features national shopping brands and restaurants.

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